Accounting & Consulting Services

Accounting Services

BLK Accounting & Consulting gives you on-demand financial expertise and business experience to lead your company’s finances without interrupting your day-to-day business activities.

Our part-time and fractional CFO services include working with you to develop:

  • Budgets
  • Profitability analysis
  • Monthly/Quarterly Financial review including executive summary
  • Cashflow Projections
  • Key Performance Indicators
    • Trailing 12 months revenue
    • Trailing 12 months gross profit
    • Trailing 12 months profit/loss
    • Revenue per employee
    • Payroll as a % of total revenue
    • A/R balance and A/R turnover
    • A/P balance
    • Current ratio
    • Debt/equity ratio
    • Operating expense coverage
    • Banking information
      • Cash balance
      • Line of credit
  • Mid-year or 3rd quarter tax projection
  • Financing assistance
  • Preparation of multi-year financials to market the business for sale

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"Kelly served as my organization’s accountant for five years.  When I first arrived at CLIA, Kelly got me up to speed on our financials quickly and provided excellent recommendations on how to improve the management of our funding.  Throughout her tenure with CLIA, she consistently demonstrated professionalism, high-quality support and guidance, and compassion for the work we do with youth in Baltimore City."

Corryne Deliberto
Executive Director
Community Law in Action (CLIA)
Baltimore, Maryland